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Our mission is to make the outdoors more accessible and sustainable. If you need to gear up, check Switchbackr first!

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That forlorn pile of camping gear in your garage, those climbing shoes you ​bought but stopped using after realizing climbing is hard, that backpack you decommissioned after upgrading to the Flextrek Thirty-seven trillion Whipsnake. If you've got gear that still works but you don't need, sell it on Switchbackr. It's good for you, good for the outdoor community, and good for the planet too!

Because the best gear is gear that's being used. Not gear in landfills. 

Trust is everything.

Whether it be your climbing harness, your ski bindings, or the person you're roped up to, we know trust is a YUGE part of outdoor recreation. That's why every transaction on Switchbackr is backed up by our unwavering Iron Lotus Guarantee.

So you can buy and sell with confidence, because we've got your back.

We are cool.

Oh hey there. We're Sasha and Alex, two Stanford students and the mega-serious founders of the company legally known as Switchbackr Worldwide, Inc. Our passion is sending it to the max in the outdoors and we are SO STOKED to help others do the same!

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